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My Pokemon :)

This page is inspired by Seafare's pokemon page! These are (most) of the pokemon teams I have used to beat the Pokemon games!

Uncompleted Saves

Rosarie the Charmander Iridescent the Pidgey Majesty the Nidoran

Rosarie, Pidgey and Majesty; Pokemon Red

William the Charizard Metalhead the Fearow BEEG the raticate Oom 'N' Doom the Vileplume Rabitfoot the Snorlax Dozen the Exeggutor

William, Fearow, Beeg, Vileplume, Snorlax, and Exeggutor; Pokemon Fire Red

Scoria the Monferno Conglomora the Golem Gengar Pacharisu Staravia Gastrodon

Scoria, Conglomora, Gengar, Pacharisu, Staravia, and Gastrodon; Pokemon Diamond

Completed Saves

Scarlette the Emboar Zuzu the Azumarill Clover the Altaria Bag Doll the Banette Lazaretto the Krookodile Bowser the Druddigon

Scarlette, Zuzu, Clover, Bag Doll, Lazaretto, and Bowser; Pokemon Black 2

Spicy the Infernape Eggplant the Empoleon Coconut Tropius Franky the Electivire Stallion the Girafarig Bibarel

Spicy, Eggplant, Coconut, Franky, Stallion, and Loki 4; Pokemon Platinum

Root the Serperior Undella the Stoutland Dorangatan the Darmanitan Timaria the Conkeldurr Timothy the Seismitoad Diamond the Braiviary

Root, Undella, Dorangatan, Timaria, Timothy, and Diamond; Pokemon White

Pear the Meganium Falcore the Lugia Jo the Luxray Lemons the Torterra Metal Worm the Steelix Palkia

Pear, Falcore, Jo, Lemons, Ironwormy, and Palkia; Pokemon Soul Silver

Frank the Torterra Martin the Staraptor Bunny the Lopunny Kricketune The Hook the Rhyperior Garchomp

Frank, Martin, Bunny, Kricketune, The Hook, and Pacman; Pokemon Brilliant Diamond

Kiwi the Samurott Goat the Gogoat Utrecht the Pyroar Ummayad the Aegislash Bonnie the Dedenne Killer the Sylveon

Kiwi, Goat, Utrecht, Ummayad, Bonnie, and Killer; Pokemon X

Sun the Primarina Rita the Alolan Raichu Toucannon Alolan Muk Plague the Hypno Ramone the Dugtrio

Sun, Rita, Toucannon, Muk, Plague, and Ramone; Pokemon Moon

Pondsmelt the Swampert Hermoine the Gardevoir Purple the Shiftry Wheeler the Dustox Sky the Castform Motorhome the Swellow

Pondsmelt, Hermione, Purple, Wheeler, Sky, and Motorhome; Pokemon Omega Ruby

Tails the Delphox Sonic the Chesnaught Punchgirl the Chesnaught Hippie the Simipour Strawberry the Delcatty Lazaretto the Krookodile

Tails, Sonic, Punchgirl, Hippie, Strawberry, and Lazaretto; Pokemon Y

Cinderace Dwalin the Corviknight Inteleon Rapidash Rosalina the Togekiss Candyfloss the Whimsicott

Firebunny, Dwalin, Intelion, Rapidash, Rosalina, and Candyfloss; Pokemon Shield