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Jemma on the Web
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Jemmaontheweb Pages:
My Tomodachi Life Shrine
My Miitopia Shrine
Jemma's Albums
Jemma's Pokemon
Articles Page
Pokemon Card Strategies
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My Tamanotchi, Pegasus:
It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

Other cool links (mostly old geocities sites I like but also other stuff):
Great Writing on Gothic Culture More from that site but not broken
The Autumn Cemetary Text The Second Edition; Revised
The Lonesome Road
Hyper's Cool Site
Dark Rogue's Lair
This site makes me hungry
Ladycaer's Page
Doug's Harvest Moon page
My Friend Jasmine's page
Bin Laden's Hard Drive
Gothic Time Machine
Milk On The Line Blog and art
End of Broadcasting at night
cool gothic website