Hey! You found the articles page! These are all some pretty cool articles that I think are worth checking out. I will put multiple categories for organization (spoiler alert, they are not very organized).

Goth Articles

Mall Goth Diary: A rambley tumblr post about being a 2000s mall goth
Scene and the Seen: A very good article on the Goth scene and culture

Articles on Computer Things

The Low Tech Manifesto: The Low Tech Manifesto
The Indie Web Manifesto: The Indie Web Manifesto
Intro to the Web Revival: Make your own website!
The First Neocities Blogpost
The Issue With Stealing On Neocities: Article on Code Copying
Addiction to Technology: Technolegy addiction
Demonising Digital: Is internet use over criticized?
How to Pirate Things


Why make anything? by Josh Garvelink
Making Art: Blog post about making art and graphic design.
Your Art Is Unappealing (and thats okay): A cool little article about art posting


How to Find Your Style
Don't be a Fed: Queers Unite!

The February 15 Collection:

Site Stuff Ig by Evie
Are We Really Unique? by Yeger
Burnout by Mani