Jemma's Albums

These are albums that I think are super worth checking out if you haven't before. I'm gonna have them sorted by genre once this page matures.
Notice: I have not linked the albums yet because this page is going to take a while

Some of these albums could be categorized under Alt-Rock and other things, but because I'm not super into that genre I'm just categorizing them as rock.

The Breeders' Last Splash The Donnas' Gold Medal Weezer's Blue Album

Here are three of my favourite rockabilly albums where I can listen to them all the way through without skipping too many songs. There are a lot of good rockabilly songs, but not a lot of albums that are pure gold like the Carl Perkins one.

Janis Martin's Drugstore Rock n Roll album Carl Perkins' The Dance Album Jerry Lee Lewis' self titled album

If you're looking for the first rock n roll songs and albums, and the foundations of rock n roll, these are the albums you are after.

Little Richard's Heres Little Richard Bo Diddley's self titled album Chuck Berry's Great 28 Album

Following, my favourite country albums. I LOVE Wanda Jackson. I want to be her.

Dolly Parton's Hello, I'm Dolly Album Wanda Jackson's Right Or Wrong Album Jeannie C. Riley's Greatest Hits Album

These are three blues albums that I feel show the variety of blues as a genre that I really like.

Professor Longhair's Crawfish Fiesta Superblues volume Three Junior Kimbrough's Most Things Haven't Worked Out Album

These are three of my favourite movie soundtracks.

Mallrats Movie Soundtrack Blues Brothers Movie Soundtrack Scott Pilgrim Movie Soundtrack